DIY Skull Wreath

Need an easy and affordable craft for Halloween?! I got just the one for you! Using spray paint and items from The Dollar Tree, you can have a unique piece for this Halloween!

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This gorgeous plate from Ellie and Piper was my inspo for this craft! I wanted to create some pastel rainbow Halloween decor. If you haven't seen yet, check out my Ombre Rainbow Pumpkin DIY as well!


14 in metal hoop, $3 at Target Dollar Spot *

5 packs of plastic skull heads from the Dollar Tree (They come in a pack of 8)

Spray Paint of your choice

Hot glue gun

Glitter and glue, optional (for eyes)

*I believe the Dollar Tree has these hoops as well, but it could be a different size, which would effect how many packs of skull heads to get


  1. Lay your hoop on the floor and lay your skull heads around it so you will know exactly how many heads you will need. I used 34 on mine, so I did not need the full 5 packs, but 4 packs was 2 less than needed.

  2. Decide on your color scheme. I got my spray paint at Michaels for $3 each on clearance! I chose pink, peach, yellow and mint.

  3. Spray paint your skulls. I did 8 or 9 in each color, it was not exactly an even number since there were 34 in total.

  4. Once they dried, I used a paint brush to brush on school glue to the eyes and sprinkled with gold glitter. Let dry.

  5. Use a hot glue gun to glue onto the metal hoop. You can go in rainbow order, or alternate colors or even do traditional halloween colors! Lots of options!

What fun Halloween DIY's will you be doing?! I'd love to know!

#diy #halloween

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