DIY Pretzel Bar

I have an easy tutorial for you on how to make a hanging pretzel bar! This will also work for donuts and bagels and party favors as well! With a few supplies from a hardware store, some easy drilling and spray paint, you'll have a great presentation and centerpiece for your next gathering! I love the rustic industrial feel!

Supplies you will need:

2 - 24 inch long 1/2 inch pvc pipes

1 - 24 inch wood plank (I'll go into more detail in the How-to about this)

2 - 1/2 inch pvc elbows

2 - 1/2 inch nipple adaptors

2 - 1/2 inch flanges

8 screws for the flanges

Hack Saw for cutting the PVC pipes


Spray Paint, I used Rust-oleum oil rubbed bronze

Ribbon, to hang your food item

The How-To:

1. More info on the supplies...I got everything at Home Depot. For the wood plank, my exact size was 24 in by 3.5 in and 1 inch thick. In the lumber section, they sell these already pre-cut. I did not have to cut this or stain it. They have a few color options available. Also, you don't have to worry about the exact size of the plank. If you find a piece of wood a bit bigger, that is totally fine! Or a piece of reclaimed wood would look great too!

2. You can buy all the pieces in metal, then you would not need to spray paint, but you will need the metal rods cut to exact size, plus it costs a whole lot more. So opting for the pvc pipes make this such an affordable and manageable project! For the PVC pipes, they had precut 24 inch long pipes. They were about $1.27 each. (Instead of buying one huge, long piece.)

3. The flanges were metal because they did not sell plastic ones.

4. Once you have all of your supplies and tools, cut 1 pvc pipe in half with your hack saw. You will then have 2 12 inch pipes that will be your vertical bars.

5. Now the length of your horizontal bar (the part you will hang your food from) may vary slightly depending on where you screw in your flanges. As you can see in the photos, my flanges are far to the ends of the 24 inch wood plank. That being said, my horizontal bar was 18.5 inches long. It's better to start longer and need to trim a bit, than be too short.

6. Spray paint all of your piece except the wood plank. I even spray painted my screws.

7. Once the paint is dry, you are ready to assemble. Start with drilling in the flanges to the wood plank. They are the circular metal pieces that will hold up your bars.

8. Screw in the nipple adaptors to the flanges. You'll now be able to put your vertical bars in place.

9. Add your elbows to the vertical bars. Plug in your horizontal bar. This is when you'll find out if the bar is too long or not. HA! I had to trim mine after my first guestimate. haha. Again, my final bar ended up at 18.5 inches long.

10. You are done! Just use ribbon to hang your pretzels, bagels or donuts! Or even hang party favors!!

I hope you enjoyed this! Please let me know if you have any questions! What other creative treats can we hang from this contraption??!

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