DIY Embossing Napkins

Hiya! For my New Years Eve Party idea, I made napkins that said cheers and I wanted to show you how easy it is to try yourself! You can jazz up plain napkins for any occasion. This is especially great if you are planning a party with a specific theme and you can not find something on the market to coordinate.

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Supplies you will need:

Embossing heater (Mine is the Martha Stewart tool found at Michaels)


Ink pad

Embossing powder, any shade for matching your party


Plain piece of standard paper, folded in half lengthwise (This makes clean up a breeze!)

*You can find an embossing starter kit online here. Or any craft store will have the supplies.


1. Fold your piece of paper lengthwise and place it in front of you as your work surface.

2. Lay your napkin on your piece of paper.

3. This is the part where you want to work semi fast. Also a good idea to make sure you have a couple extra napkins to use as testers. This is a very easy process, but if it's your first time embossing, you may need a practice napkin.

4. Place your Cheers stamper (Or whatever stamp you want to use) in the ink and make sure the word or image on the stamp is fully covered with ink.

5. Stamp it on the napkin.

6. Pour your embossing powder over the word or image. Fully cover all of the ink. Again, working semi-fast so that your ink doesn't dry.

7. Dump the excess powder onto your piece of paper.

8. Turn on your embossing heater and guide it back and forth over the stamped word or image. Keep it about 3 inches away. After a few seconds, you will see it transform from the powder look to a solid, shiny finish. Then you are done!

9. Clean up! Now you can easily pour back the excess powder into its' container with little mess!


1. Make sure you are using contrasting colors. AKA, using a red napkin with red embossing powder is probably not your best bet.

2. There is clear embossing powder. So that means, you can buy a colored ink, say blue, and use the clear embossing powder over it. The finished product will be shiny blue.

3. I've used black ink for almost all embossing that I've done. The only time I would stay away from black ink is if you want to get white embossing powder. Sometimes the black ink will show through, especially if you missed a tiny corner when covering your ink with powder. There is white ink that you can buy for your white embossing powder.

Now you can turn plain napkins into a fun addition to your table! Anyone have other embossing tricks or tips?!

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